How do I become a Driver?

Apply on our website and submit the Application Form. You will receive a verification email and be able to set up your login for the Care Partner app.

What are the requirements to be a Care Partner?

25+ older                                Clean Background check           Pass Car Inspection

Clean & Reliable 4-door Car     Clean Motor Vehicle Report       Random drug screening

Android or iOS phone              Pass Orientation quiz                Service minded driver

What are the Care Partner’s Duties and/or Expectations?

  • Care Partners provide a door-to-door concierge service

    • This includes greeting passengers at their door and walking them into their destination

  • Care partners are engaging, kind and enjoy the company of others

  • Care partners can be identified by their SendaRide ID as well as by the SendaRide window sticker on their car

How much money can a Care Partner make? (Approx.)

A typical ride of 10 miles, 15 mins, 1 passenger and no waiting time = $10.51 in Care Partner earnings. Payment is based on mileage, time, number of passengers and waiting time (if incurred). We see earning ranges of $0.80-$0.95/mile!

I have a car older than 2008; Can I drive for SendaRide?

We do make exceptions for vehicles in great condition and that have been serviced properly. During your car inspection our support team will make the final decision. If you would like to submit a request to review your vehicle before the car inspection we can try to give you a ballpark answer. Email *Extra documentation may be required.  

I got a new phone. How do I download the app?

Notify of any phone or vehicle changes; then follow the instructions below:

-- Android users: Download the SendaRide Care Partner app in the Google Play Store and Login

-- iOS Users: Open this link on your phone to download

I arrived on time, but the passenger is not here...Do I still get paid?

If your passenger is no longer in need of the ride and did not cancel prior the Care Partner arriving; the Care Partner can cancel the ride and will be paid based on the ride estimate.

How do I receive jobs?

Verified Care partners receive a notification when a job is booked. Care Partners do not have to be online to receive jobs. A Care Partner opens the app to see a job card with the ride details. These include; who, what, when & where. The Care Partner can then accept or reject the job.

Am I required to have any special car insurance?

No; ride-share drivers are encouraged to carry the TNC (Transportation Network Company) Endorsement on their personal auto policy for the protection of themselves and their vehicle. But it is not required. SendaRides’s TNC Insurance covers the passenger.

When are the majority of jobs? 

95% of our jobs are booked in advance and occur during the day between 7:00 am - 5:00 pm. Care Partner's can accept these jobs in advance and plan out their week.