Subscribers use our app to schedule rides for their family members.  Rides are provided through our network of Care Partners (drivers).  Our Care Partners are heavily vetted based on unmatched security and precautionary features. If interested, click the link above and download the app to get started. 


Medical Facilities use our HIPAA compliant web portal to book on-demand or scheduled non-emergency medical transportation for their patients.  

As we grow and expand, we're continually looking for new Care Partners (drivers). Our Care Partners are well paid. There are several layers of background checks that all Care Partners must undergo before becoming eligible to begin working. If you're interested, click the link above and fill out the form to apply.



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I love your concept. As a single mom, I immediately identified with the use for this service. My 14-year old can’t yet drive but has a lot of after school activities. My first instinct was to question the safety of such a program but you start right off with “Safety is our Passion” and the tagline “Safe. Secure. Stat” is brilliant and you answer the question as to reliability and safety!!

Furthermore, knowing that my elderly parents not only have a ride, but are also in good hands with a qualified and well-vetted Care Partner makes their transition to an assisted living much easier for all involved and allows my parents to regain some of their independence.
— Shelly W.