Non-Emergency Medical Transportation


SendaRide Solves the Problem for Hospitals, Physicians and Health Plans:   

How do I ensure my patients can get to and from their medical appointments?


SendaRide is currently contracting with hospitals, providers and health plans to provide their patients with non-emergency medical transportation.  The medical community has not had a customizable, affordable solution before that also ensures they are compliant with the complex framework of privacy laws and regulations governing the health care industry.   Once we introduce our features to hospitals and providers they are genuinely delighted and relieved to have a viable solution for their patients and their families.

We recognized a significant need, based on our own experiences, for families to enable their loved ones to have safe transportation when they may be unavailable.  The Subscriber can “share” all of the ride details with anyone they choose, such as the rider, so they know exactly who is coming to pick them up, what the driver looks like, what their car looks like and their license plate.  


How are we Different?

Unlike large ride-sharing companies who were built to serve the masses as efficiently as possible, SendaRide was built from the bottom up for the healthcare industry by a healthcare attorney with twenty years’ experience representing hospitals, providers and health plans.  Our technology complies with the multitude of complex regulations the industry faces. 

Our network of drivers are recruited from the healthcare industry directly, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and first responders.  Our customized transportation ensures that our driver will provide a concierge level service that meets each patient’s specific needs.

Questions or Need Additional Information?

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