Is our passion

The Founders of SendaRide spent over a year designing unprecedented safety and security features for our technology before ever providing our first ride.  We are singularly focused on maintaining the highest levels of service, safety, security, transparency, and efficiency for our riders, our business partners and their families.

As an example, during the ride, the audio of the entire ride is automatically recorded and maintained on our database.  Our drivers do not initiate the audio recording, nor can they interfere with it.  This protects the riders and the drivers.

Our Representatives are able to track the GPS coordinates of each car in real time on our dashboard.  If our system temporarily loses GPS coordinates, we are alerted and we call the driver immediately to ensure everyone is safe.

Our drivers are patient, service minded individuals and are thoroughly vetted.  They must be 25 years or older, are required to successfully pass a 7 year local and national criminal background investigation, they are checked against the national sex offender database and the terrorist database.  We perform a social security number trace on the applicants, they must have a clear motor vehicle record for the last 7 years and be able to pass a 10-panel drug test.

Our drivers must also pass an online exam, ensuring they understand and choose to comply with the service level expectations of the company and that they understand any information they receive about a rider is confidential, protected health information and cannot be disclosed to anyone.

Once these items are successfully passed we perform an in-person interview.  We inspect the applicant’s car, which must be newer than 10 years and have four doors, and train them on how to use the app correctly.

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How Can You Use SendaRide?

We have two ideal customers:  Medical Facilities and Individuals


Medical Facilities

We have found that medical providers, clinics and hospitals are great partners for SendaRide.  The medical community has not had a safe, efficient, affordable transportation provider that will not only bring their patients home from the hospital – but also make sure their patients can get to their appointments.  Medical providers strive to keep their patients happy and healthy and integral to those two goals is the ability for patients to receive preventative care, follow-up care and therapies.


The “sandwich generation” is also an ideal customer for SendaRide.  Many of our aging parents are non-driving seniors - but adamantly want to maintain their independence.  It is very difficult to take our parent’s keys away.  Having a viable alternative like SendaRide allows our parents to maintain their lifestyle with dignity and independence.  For those of us with elderly parents that are in declining health, the multitude of doctors’ appointments can become overwhelming.  This, too, is an opportunity for SendaRide to alleviate the stress of leaving the office to escort your parent to a medical appointment.

Testimonials from our Customers

We use SendaRide for our patients at work, and their drivers are professional, reliable, compassionate, fast and courteous! All of the cars we have seen are clean and the drivers look sharp. Their staff responds quickly and welcomes feedback. We are able to see all the details of the trip when booking, from the driver to his live progress on the map. And the drivers all rave about working the company - tells me a lot!

I HIGHLY recommend their services...Well done! - Kim B.

SendaRide’s model fills a huge gap in our community. For many of the youth and families being served by Pivot and other nonprofits, transportation is an overwhelming barrier to overcome. We work very hard to provide support to overcome those barriers and programs like Send A Ride offer an option that meets our clients’ needs, far beyond what you find with similar programs. Send A Ride is designed to provide a much-needed service for vulnerable populations. The support that clients get from drivers goes above and beyond. There is a comforting level of security with this service that is vital to the youth and families we serve. - Kami K.

I love your concept. As a single mom, I immediately identified with the use for this service. Knowing that my elderly parents not only have a ride, but are also in good hands with a qualified and well-vetted Care Partner makes their transition to an assisted living much easier for all involved and allows my parents to regain some of their independence. - Shelly W.